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bill birdsong24-Jan-2012 21:12
Beautiful gallery of a beautiful place, a nice refuge in the middle of a very busy city! I just returned from two months in Honolulu with relatives and posted an album on the Garden. Thank you for your more extensive work and labeling the photos. Quite a job!
Jeffrey Lewis Knapp19-Dec-2009 05:40
hi Selvin. I vote. Great pictures. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Happy Holidays. God bless you.

My friend Alika III is in HI on vacation this moment. Jeff K
Denise12-Feb-2009 02:01
Selvin, thanks so much for visiting my gallery!! Big, big thanks for the identification on the tree and bark. Wonderful. I am coming back this evening to spend some serious time in your galleries. Aloha and Mahalo!!
Mike Johnson22-May-2008 13:25
Selvin...outstanding shots man!

Margaret Sloan09-Jan-2008 16:08
Aloha Selvin! Your galleries are terrific and I particularly enjoyed the Big Island plants and flowers. So many memories!

cprat200201-Jun-2007 21:27
Wonderful gallery and wonderful island.
A man from another island of the world. (Sorry for my english level)
Sang Chung15-Apr-2007 16:46
You created very beautiful galleries and i enjoyed them well. Thanks for viewing my gallery and leaving comment.
Eddie Ling18-Mar-2007 04:00
You've got a awesome collection of Hawaii's shots. I should have visited your gallery before I come over.
Guest 10-Jan-2007 15:42
Beautiful gallery Selvin.
I love and impressed with your work.
I have not finish viewing your gallery yet but I will come back.

.28-Dec-2006 05:43
Season's Greetings! May the New Year bring you happiness and prosperity, and many more opportunities for you to continue making and sharing your photos.
Guest 04-Dec-2006 20:51
Very nice work, Selvin.

If you get a chance, you might want to see my father's galleries. He lives in Honolulu, and still works mainly in B/W.

flowsnow16-Nov-2006 06:57
lovely shots here Selvin. You have entice me to come back for more. Bookmarked your gallery!
Waqas Usman18-Sep-2006 07:08
Thanks, I don't do many people shots, I think I should focus on that a bit more :)

RE: Panoramas, I don't always have a stand for panoramas, I only use a tripod for night panos. The tools I mentioned to you earlier (Autostitch and Hugin, both use Pano Tools at the back end) are very powerful tools. Pano Tools is free, Hugin is its free GUI and Autostich is a demo software that can stitch unlimited number of rows and columns, in fact not just strictly rows and columns, any handheld randomly overlapping images!! The bad part is that it's totally automated, and if it picks up only 10 out of 12 images for the pano, you can't tell it where the other two fit it. Auto Pano is a better, retail software which can export project files for other Pano Tools Gui's that can do that stuff manually. Hugin is one of the free GUI's for Pano Tools, you can do all stuff manually, its partially automated but you have to learn a bit to use it, which is not too much to ask, and is a good "investment".,GGLD:2006-34,GGLD:en&q=hugin
.31-Jul-2006 10:12
Aloha Sevin,

Thanks for visiting my newly reopened site. Even during my hiatus from PBase it was always a pleasure to drop by and see the new work you posted. Mahalo!
David Young16-Jul-2006 05:08
Great pictures !
Really enjoyed to looking through your galeries .
Guest 30-May-2006 13:16
Truely Amazing!!! Thank you
Selvin Chance25-May-2006 05:48
Saint Wayne, In case you check back here, I do remember you from back then the moment you mentioned the TRS-80. Who can forget that adorable heap of transistors and the its' followers/users.
Thanks for the memories. I hope all si well with you.
Aloha and Mahalo.
Guest 01-May-2006 01:30
Your images are truly magnificent.
Marcia Colelli15-Apr-2006 14:49
Thank you for your wonderful comment on my abstract. I have enjoyed looking through all your beautiful photos of Hawaii also.
Guest 28-Mar-2006 08:03
Thank you for visit and kind words, the flowers of Hawaii through your camera are really fascinating
Jeremy12-Mar-2006 06:32
HI, Selvin Chance
You have a great collection of galleries full of interesting pictures here. Now, will be great if you can include a gallery of the famous 'live' volcanoes' spilling lava into the sea to sahre with all of us ...;-)
Judith McCarthy 10-Mar-2006 21:29
Thank you for your gallery and yourbeautiful photos. Butterflies are beautiful and so transient, that seeing one should remind any of us of what meaning and beauty can be found in Nature, something that we should cherish and preserve at all costs.
Jannik Lindquist26-Feb-2006 20:29
Hi Selvin,

Thank you ever so much for your visits to my galleries. It's always encouraging to get kind words from fellow enthusiasts - even more so when they are also Dimage A200-users :-)Keep up the good work!
Denise24-Feb-2006 19:01
Thank you for stopping by my gallery and giving me the opportunity to find yours!!!!! WOW, there are so many wonderful images. I will be back time and again!! Maui is my favorite place on earth. I feel a connection to the earth there as in no other place I have ever been. Thank you so much for bringing me to this wonderful gallery!!!!
Guest 23-Feb-2006 10:56

Could you please contact me. Thanks in advance
James Lewis 20-Feb-2006 18:54
mahalo nui loa for all the great 'em all!

Much aloha
Oscar A.Rico19-Feb-2006 00:25
Thank you Selvin for visiting my gallery and your kind comments.I also visited your gallery appreciting very much your work with the tropical flowers. Regards; Oscar Rico
Guest 15-Feb-2006 05:13
Aloha Selvin,
Mahalo for dropping by and leaving comments. I loved seeing your galleries with so much information and great photos. Perhaps next time in Kauai look me up!

Guest 10-Feb-2006 18:47
Hi Selvin,

Thanks for visiting my galleries. I also enjoy your pictures alot, what a great place to live. Antoine
pda_pin28-Jan-2006 13:44
Hi Selvin,

Thank you for standing by my Oahu gallery. Your favourable comments as a resident are particularly appreciated. Oahu was a great photographic adventure.
Guest 12-Jan-2006 01:18
Hello Selvin, Thanks for the galleries We especially love the Hawaii at night shots. My teen sons have a band and would like to ask your permission to use your 'Highway at Night' photo for the cover of their demo CD titled Drive. Here is a link to show how they would like to use it.We would appreciate your permission to use it. If not we will delete the link and photo right away. Thank you - Bruce
Tracy Gardner 11-Jan-2006 05:44
I forgot to tell you that you should retire from education and become a professional photographer. You have such a great eye for photojournalism. I think when I retire (in about 20 years...uhhh), I will take up photographing weddings, babies, and families as my hobby. Your work is amazing. Give my best to your family. Tracy
Tracy Gardner 11-Jan-2006 05:38
Thanks for sharing your galleries with me. I loved seeing the pictures of the grandkids especially. Jacob is getting so big! Angelina is still only 14 pounds, so it looks like I am going to have a petite girl. Beautiful pictures of your family and Hawaii. God Bless You!
Guest 07-Jan-2006 09:09
Hi Selvin from what I have seen so far you have got many great shot's in your gallery, I am going to have to pop back from time to time to check them all out, there is so many.
Thanks for the comments on my gallerys, Happy shooting, DARYL
pda_pin26-Dec-2005 08:45
Beautiful galleries with excellent shots. You are living in the photographer's paradise.
.25-Dec-2005 09:36
Came back to see more of your latest and greatest. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Guest 06-Dec-2005 15:31
Thanks for the comments Selvin. The guy at the train station was going who knows where to do who knows what. The shot of the monks in the temple was a spur of the moment shot as I was talking to a novice monk at the time, but hey, monks enjoy photos as much as everyone else. Thanks for sharing the outer island celebration photos. Aloha, JB
Guest 27-Nov-2005 16:02
I found your wonderful galleries after you left a comment on my site. Thank you for visiting and I'm so glad I got a chance to see your work. We lived in Hawaii for seven years and this really takes me back. I only wish I had owned a good digital camera while we lived there. Oh well . . . I will live vicariously through your beautiful photographs and will visit your galleries often! Mahalo!
J Black 16-Nov-2005 01:54
could you please contact me, thanks
Bernd 15-Nov-2005 12:50
nice site with useful information, Bernd from
TravelEasy06-Nov-2005 14:19
Thanks for your comments on my galleries! I really like your galleries "Hawaii panorama", "The faces of Hawaii" and "From way up there"... Your galleries are so diverse, from landscapes to daily life. Excellent photos!

Richard Haas 01-Nov-2005 10:03
Could you please contact me, thanks in advance
.22-Oct-2005 06:16
Just stopped by for another visit. It's always a pleasure to see your latest work. Mahalo!
Guest 22-Oct-2005 01:13
Thank you for visiting my galleries. Your gallery of flowers of Hawaii is exceptional. I certainly enjoyed them.
Thanks again. Carlos
Mike Davis 14-Oct-2005 19:08
I love your website.
I found every cool website about Tropical Plants .

Thank you,
Mike Davis
Jannik Lindquist14-Oct-2005 09:14
What an amazing and rewarding collection of images, Selvin! Definitely one of my favourites on PBase :-)Thanks for sharing!
Jeff Cochran21-Sep-2005 03:35
Stopped by for another visit, High quality galleries you have here. Cheers.
Lynn VanHorne 10-Sep-2005 11:52
Hi Selvin,
Kurth just found your website. Some of the pictures strained his brain cells, trying to remember names and faces. I think he still has one of the shirts that he is wearing in a picture! His mom and Avril are coming over tomorrow and we will share the pictures with them. Thanks for the walk back. Lynn
Guest 24-Aug-2005 03:40
selvin, thank you kindly for looking at my gallery ! glad to hear from you ! keep up the wonderful work ! WOW ! COOL ! ALOHA & MAHALO ! cory
Ezekiel 2013-Aug-2005 13:58
Hi there Selvin
Thank you for the comments on my gallery.
Must be great living in Hawaii - would love to visit some time!
Guest 13-Aug-2005 01:04
Hi Selvin

came back for another peek at your wonderful photos...always a joy. thanks
T Hilde 10-Aug-2005 19:41
Selvin --

I enjoy your photos and would like, if possible, your permission to post some of them on my blog, Phronesisaical. Please contact me.

Guest 25-Jul-2005 12:09
You indeed have a most impressive set of images -- especially your "Unusual Flowers" -- I guess that in Hawaii, one can "go crazy" with all the unsual plants and floweers. I have been around many parts of the world, but never to Hawaii. Ihave been to Alaska twice -- that is probably 180 degrees opposite of Hawaii, with its beautiful snow capped mountains and that type of scenery.

Incidentilly, I tried and an image at about 90K and 200K, and they looked the same on my screen, a 17 inch flat LED screen -- I will continue using just under 100K as my file size. Some talk abut "8" or "7" as the file size they use -- well, each image wouuld have a different file size, since using say "8" in Photoshop would give a smaller file size for an image with little detail, and a larger file size for one with much detail. Perphaps this is the way to go -- I don't know. What do you think?

Lester, OnlyMeters
Guest 24-Jul-2005 12:57
Again, thanks for your comments. I am 72 and retired -- have been taking photos for about 60 years, and of course, our grandchildren are a major subject now. Did weddings on weekends for abut 25 years, with the last of the weddings about 25 years ago. This is all in the intro remarks on the opening page of my galleries. I simply enjoy taking pictures!

Of course, I don't know how you have done it, but I process each image outside of Pbase, cropping it if necessary and making any other adjustments, in light level and color for example, and cutting the size down to a max of about 675 pixesl high with the width whatever it comes out to. I have been cutting the file size down to just below 100K -- I have to experiment (at this relatively late stage) to see if an image of say 200K would appear sharper. I then import the group of images into Pbase. I hae never experimented with letting Pbase processing a group of images.

I am now exhibiting my photos, trying (not too hard) to sell some, and beginning to teach photography -- I will be teaching a course titled "Digital Photography: Getting Started" at a local adult shool this coming fall. I have won some rather nice contests in the past and presently enjoy my local camera club and the competitions there (not too competitive. I am particularyl pleased that my camera club has recently purchases a digital projector, to include digital images along with the slides and prints.

Time marches on, and so do developments in photography -- and we have to keep up with the progress -- Lester, OnlyMeters -- the "OnlyMeters" is for my colledtion of photographic light meters -- I have almost 1,000 of them! Have been colleciton them for about 35 years! Me and my collection was the subject of an article in Popular Photography Magazine in June of '98. I am presently in discussions with the Smithsonian Instution in Washington to take my meter colledtion.
Guest 23-Jul-2005 20:28
When I thanked you for your comments about my fruits and veggies, I had not looked at your galleries -- you indeed have a set of outstanding images! You should be proud of them! My only comment is that I think that you have too many images too close together. I do not know what you can do, considering the large number of images that you have. When I started with Pbase, I had my images close as you do, but as you may have seen in my gallleries, I have not put my images so close together -- of course, I do not have quite the large number of images that you have, but I still have many -- I have about 1,200 and you have almost 3,000. We both have many images!

Still, I love the quality of you images! Lester, OnlyMeters
Guest 23-Jul-2005 13:41
Thanks for your nice comments about my fruits and veggies -- I enjoy taking photos of many different things. It is interesting if the EXIF data from your S404 was interperted correctly by Pbase, because that data is fine in my original images. And the EXIF data was correctly interperted by Pbase from my new Konica/Minolta A2, as well as frm an old, inexpensive Kodak camera, I think it was an FX3660. Pbase is my electronic scrapbook, which is beter, I think, than having piles of physical scrapbooks. Regards to Hawaii from Glen Ridge New Jersey.

Lester, OnlyMeters
Guest 07-Jul-2005 07:42

I just visited your galleries and they are really great
keep up the good work

greetings from Belgium,
Guest 01-Jul-2005 04:10
Hi "Hawaiian" Selvin: Thank you so much for your kind remarks on two of my pictures. Matilija Poppies, which are my favorite, are quite profuse here in June. The other picture was taken, over 15 years ago, on a stop on a highway ascending up from the foothills to Sequoia National Park in California. The hilltop you see is a landmark named "Hospital Rock." While the image has been my favorite, nobody ever uttered a word of appreciation, till your comment arrived! I did a quick review of your own remarkable galleries. I particularly liked, among many others: Natural archway, White feather lei, Details of the dome in old library building, and Tree fern. Your pictures are rich with a lot of variety. Aloha. JARIS
Guest 18-Jun-2005 11:58
Great Photo`s.. and Gallery
Kimberley Hannaman Taylor08-Jun-2005 17:42
Thank you for sharing your work and your comments. I wish I had high speed net so I could whiz through your thousands of photos - you have quite a collection. I've enjoyed what I've seen so far, have added you as a favorite artist and will come back and work my way through everything slowly.
And as I said in the Lei gallery, your comments for each of your photos are much appreciated - it's always a pleasure to learn something as well as enjoy the viewing.
Aloha from Vermont..
Guest 08-Jun-2005 17:08
Unbelivable galleries you have here. I am very humbled that someone with these great galleries have given me so nice comments like you did today.

Hi Selvin,

I have never seen SO MANY nice shots in one gallery b4...I think I can spend hours in here...thanks so much for your inspiration and also for sharing your knowledge about the flowers with me.

I will certainly be back to spend more time in your gallery, and by the way...I love your islands - maybe you noticed that I sometimes go there Hang Gliding (Maui)
Guest 05-Jun-2005 11:25
Hi Selvin,

thanks for visiting my gallery, I also enjoy your orchid gallery. I could not wait to visit Hawai..

Garrett Lau26-May-2005 13:27
Thanks for visiting my galleries again and for leaving such nice comments.

I really enjoy your photos of Hawaii. I hope to go back there soon.

Guest 22-May-2005 19:17
Selvin, I think you have some really nice photographs in your galleries. I look forward to visiting often.
Stephen Chan20-May-2005 07:08
Selvin, thanks for visiting my galleries. I envy the sunshine and nice mix of culture you have in Hawaii. Hope to find myself there soon.

Architectural Photography: Debra DiCandilo20-May-2005 03:52
Selvin, Do you know anything about Hawaiian grasses? I've just added some to my "detail" gallery and wonder if you are at all familiar with them. Take a look if you have time. DD
whitewolf16-May-2005 06:08
Hi Selvin, thanks for visiting my galleries. Wow, you have some very nice work here. You have captured Hawaii very nicely to show the world. I go to the Zoo once a week and take alot of pics there and donate some to the Zoo. It's lots of fun.
Aloha, Bryan.
Guest 12-May-2005 11:37
Thank you for your nice comments on my gallery! I went on yours..and you have some amazing shot! Wow! One day(one of my dream), I will go to Hawaii...I learned surfing in California and I want to practice it in Hawaii!
Best wishes!
Catherine :-)
Mike Jukes28-Apr-2005 08:30
Thank you very much for your comments, have just been looking through your Galleries, very nice work, Hawaii very different to Lancashire UK !!!!!

Best wishes
Guest 20-Apr-2005 22:24
You galleries are full of life and joy. Well done!
xianan20-Apr-2005 04:13
Selvin:It's so nice to see so many beautiful pictures of Hawaii. Let me miss the time I spent there so much.
Cheers. Xianan
.26-Mar-2005 17:19
Hi Selvin,

Thanks for visitng my galleries (although I just joined PBase the day before). Looks like we go to a lot of the same events, which is not suprising since O`ahu is so small anyway. Keep up the good work - I'll be back to visit for sure.
chrisseypoo 18-Mar-2005 02:52
Aloha! Awesome photos of Hawaii! You've really captured the feel of the island culture.
Terry Tabb15-Mar-2005 01:42
You have so many beautiful pictures.I wish I could have visited HI much longer that the 10 days I did.
Rian Houston13-Mar-2005 23:28
Thanks for visiting and commenting on my galleries. I thoroughly enjoyed yours and cast a vote for you. I have visited Hawaii 3 times and now I can't wait to go back.

Nunes BEIRAO - PHOTO12-Mar-2005 10:55
Hi Selvin,
Thanks for the visit and gentle comments. You have also a superb collection of amazing shots, and the ones about orchids are really spectacular.
Cheer's from Portugal.
Guest 11-Mar-2005 11:35
Thank you for the kind words about my photography exercises. I really enjoyed yours as well. I am impressed with the photos of flowers.
Best regards!
Guest 10-Mar-2005 18:11
Stunning images. You live and play in a most beautiful area. I'll return often. John
Guest 09-Mar-2005 09:50
Hi Selvin,

Thanks for your kind words on my gallery. I am glad to get it from an experienced photographer like you. Do drop by again to give me more comments and advice.

I am amazed by your extensive galleries on Hawaii. You really show the beautiful sides of it. The photos are great, especially the sunrises and sunsets. Lovely.

george vye 06-Mar-2005 09:37
Lovely photos of Hilo. One of the sweetest places in the world.

GV. Honolulu
Guest 12-Feb-2005 15:39
Lovely imagery! Your photos make me feel like I've been there! Very enjoyable!
Guest 12-Feb-2005 09:44
Please check out my Hawaii photos if you have time.

Diane Hoy30-Jan-2005 23:56
I travel through your images often. I especially like your sunrise/sunset pictures as those are pictures I have never really been able to capture properly as you have done. Thank you for sharing your visions with us. Thank you also for visiting my galleries and for commenting. Diane
cjm200122-Jan-2005 01:35
San Antonio? Florida? What happened Selvin? Didn't give up on Hawaii did ya? Just kidding - Like all your pictures ...still!
Wendy O11-Jan-2005 05:22
I've just finished browsing through your galleries...I feel like I've been on vacation! Such lovely images. Hope it hasn't been raining there as much as it has here!!!!

Thanks for dropping by my galleries.

Happy New Year!
Guest 31-Dec-2004 23:34
Thanks Selvin for visiting my galleries. Your collection here is amazing and certainly different from the snowy place I am in right now. I especially like the Tropical Fruit and the Flower galleries. Happy New Year.
spp 21-Dec-2004 01:00
dear selvin
i am eager to identify the common/botanical name of the beautiful image of yours
we do grow the plant in our plant nursery in coimbatore southern part of india
Brian Gunter11-Dec-2004 09:46
Selvin, Glad that you liked my lighthouses. My wife and I were fortunate enough last year (2003) to spend a whole month living at Princeville house-sitting for some friends - great frinds!!! Loved all of Kauai but reckon that Kilauea Point was probably our favourite. We visited there many times to see the whales and also those beautiful tropicbirds. Have a look at my Wave photos and you will see a photo of an impressive wave at Kilauea. I will post the tropicbirds later.

Hey, congratulations on your 450000+ hits on Pbase - I have a long way to go yet.

Mahalo, Brian
Guest 07-Dec-2004 03:39
You galleris are amazing Selvin! If I took a trip there one day I'd love you get the grand tour from you. Very creative and professional work. Well done
Guest 06-Dec-2004 04:07
thanks for visiting my galleries. i like your work on unusual flowers and japanese cultural show. good job.
Guest 22-Nov-2004 07:00
Thanks Selvin on your comments!

You have a great variety of photo galleries!

It makes me want to make a visit to Hawaii.

Vicki Moore12-Nov-2004 16:08
You have such great galleries. They really show the true sense of Hawaii. I have only been there once and that was in Maui this spring. I fell in love with it and really want to go back. I will return to your gallery to get my island fix.
GP Merfeld09-Nov-2004 22:21
Aloha Selvin! Always nice to see the work of fellow islanders here... You have a great collection of images... Keep up the excellent work... Aloha, GP.
Guest 05-Nov-2004 17:51
Well... So much beauties to see in these galleries.
Just saw many photos, but will have to come back and back again to really appreciate all these beautiful images.
Thanks for sharing them all.
Guest 05-Nov-2004 05:36
Selvin, if you haven't seen this guy's photos, check him out.

I think he is a young guy from Hawaii on an exchange program in China for a few months. Aloha
Guest 01-Nov-2004 16:14
Thanks for your comments on my gallery! Beautiful pictures here!
Maybe someday I can visit this beautiful place.
Guest 27-Oct-2004 18:36
Thanks for you comments on my gallery. Loved your Hawaii pictures too.
xue200426-Oct-2004 00:06
Nice pictures of Hawaii. Hope someday can visit...
Guest 19-Oct-2004 02:21

You have an impressive gallery, it makes me miss Hawaii. Thanks for the photo tip!

Trevor Edwards17-Oct-2004 17:34
Hi Selvin, cheers for the comments in my galleries. I'm suprised anyone remebers Harry Belafonte. Amazing what a hit song can do for a person.
My picture with 23,000 hits must've been on PBase forever, or at least since I joined. Incidentaly it's actualy 24,917 hits to date. Dunno why people keep looking at it?
The next closest is only 10,864, (similar sort of picture though). I'm sure some of your pictures are viewed as many times.
Mansour Mouasher12-Oct-2004 10:51
You have a unique visual eye. Truly impressive! I enjoyed touring your photo galleries. Excellent work.
Ezekiel 2011-Oct-2004 07:13
Thanks for leaving feedback on my gallery.

I love your Hawaii photos.

Wish I had cable so I'd be able to see lots of photos.
Guest 10-Oct-2004 22:28

You have a great variety of photo galleries! Very good work! Thank you.
Chris Spracklen08-Oct-2004 12:29
Hi Selvin,

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my pictures.

You have an excellent and varied portfolio, full of consistently high quality photo's.

My compliments!

Kind regards,

Wayne 24-Sep-2004 16:12

I would like to get your permission to use the Rooster tail waves photo in very small (3/4" square), monochrome format. I couldn't find any other way of getting in touch with you, so I hope this works.

Thanks very much,

Guest 23-Sep-2004 11:09
Thanks Selvin on your comments! Soon the leaves will be full colors here!!!!!!!!!!! I will be putting them on soon! Donna
I love your gorgeous photos!!!!!!!
Carol 15-Sep-2004 16:17
Sorry - I meant to type Selvin!!!!!!!!!!!
Carol 15-Sep-2004 16:16
Hi Melvin - I received your message on Bob_Carol/Sturgis. Thanks! And I do need to change Devils Monument to Devil's Tower - that was my error. I've got another 300 photos to upload yet - mostly Badlands in South Dakota and then a few more pictures on the way back to Delaware. I'll have to take a look at your site - haven't been to Hawaii for about 10 years. Loved the place then. Take care, Carol
ricecake12-Sep-2004 14:03
What gorgeous galleries. Thanks for the mini-vacation to Hawaii - maybe someday I'll be able to visit.
Guest 11-Sep-2004 10:44
Selvin your pictures are true paradise!!!!!!!!! You capture that beauty perfectly!
Thanks for your kind comments as well! Donna
PS after looking at your albums I feel like I'be just been on a short vavation. MUCH too short! LOL
Guest 01-Sep-2004 21:01
Thanks so much Selvn for the great comment son my albums!!!!!!The leaves are turning colors now. You have so many gorgeous images!!!!!!!!!!!Donna
alexeig14-Aug-2004 16:31
Thanks for leaving comment at my image! You have very beautiful Hawaii galleries, now I know more about Hawaii. Thanks for sharing
Guest 09-Aug-2004 23:46
You go we know.there so small and cute.thx, Will
Guest 09-Aug-2004 08:35
Hi Selvin Not sure about the name of these little flowers but i can find out.I will let you know soon. thx, will
Guest 09-Aug-2004 02:00
Check my site again, and let me know what a month can do....

I appreciate your comments.
Guest 07-Aug-2004 17:33 you have some of the most wonderful photos i have ever seen.keep up the nice work..and thanks for the nice post....will
Richard Bird07-Aug-2004 15:38
Hi Selvin, thank you for your return visit to my galleries. I took a look around your Boston gallery and left a couple of comments. Hope you had a good time in Boston, that quite a flight from Hawaii!
Guest 06-Aug-2004 00:46
Amazing pictures you have here!! Makes me want to move to Hawaii!!!
Keep the pictures coming, they're great!
Helen Betts01-Aug-2004 22:24
Hi Selvin,

Thank you for your comment on my Okinawan gallery. I had a look through some of yours, and it's amazing how similar Hawaii and Okinawa seem, at least from what we've both photographed. Very nice work!

Guest 29-Jul-2004 11:03
Hei Selvin
I drop a quick look at your galleries and i realy like what i see.
I must return for a closer look because it seems to me that i'm going to have a very pleasant time in here.
So, congratulations for showing us so beautiful pics.
Guest 26-Jul-2004 15:55
Hi Selvin,
Thanks for your nice comment in my Galveston gallery. Your 'sunsets and sunrises' gallery make me want to visit Hawaii again. I especially like the 'sails in the sunset' shot. I notice that you don't have any pictures of Oregon (Where I'm from). You should take a trip out there the next time you make it to the mainland. All the best.
Guest 20-Jul-2004 22:34
Thank you for the encourangement. This is my first serious digital camera, and I'm still figuring it out (hence all the flower shots and still-lifes....they don't blink, they don't change expression, and if you don't shoot outdoors on a windy day, they don't move!)
Dick Whitford 19-Jul-2004 14:59
Selvin, Get shots of the lighthouses, I have a friend that loves lighthouses that we stay with in Daytona Beach, and I took some picture of lighthouses I want to send her.
So got to your site for information about the Diamond Head, Oahu, Hawaii lighthouse, I took almost a similar picture. Can you tell me when the this lighthouse was built?

Thanks for sharing your photos.
Gramp's Lamps 03-Jul-2004 15:53
Great Site! Thank-you & God Bless!
PATTY HODAPP 25-Jun-2004 01:04
Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us. Kate, Mom, Ang, and I really love your pictures! I'm really impressed, wish I were there. Say hi to everyone for me.
Take care, Patty
Guest 07-Jun-2004 07:24
Selvin, I am insanely jealous of your ability to hango ut and photgraph Hawaii. I was there only once on an all-too-short vacation and dream everyday of returning, and hopefully soon. Wonderful pictures, delightful gallery. So, invite me over for dinner already.
Guest 03-Jun-2004 06:06
Beautiful galleries of Hawai'i.. I love the scenery, brings back many fond memories ;)
petesie31-May-2004 16:50
Thanks for your kind words about the sunsets from our back guessed Australia, would you believe Central Texas! Enjoyed your galleries very much. Petesie
Guest 29-May-2004 09:40
some very nice shots here!
looking forward to more images of chicago.
thanks for sharing.
xianan27-May-2004 19:20
Hi, Selvin,
Thank you for your visiting to my galleries and your encouragement.
I just created my gallery on pbase and you are the first one signed my guestbook.I also took a look at your pictures, very nicely done!
Argishti Khachik24-May-2004 08:07
hi Selvin!
Thanks for your visit to my gallery and for your kind words!
I checked your galleries. WOha! as I already wrote they are breathtaking!
well done!
take care!
Guest 20-May-2004 03:05

You sport some of the best galleries I've seen. You temp me very much to go on a trip to Hawaii... it is just too beautiful. Keep on shooting!

Wil Gong 28-Apr-2004 18:35

Just saw your wonderful pictures of Hawaii,
I was just tracking a thread in
Great job!!
Paul Middleton27-Apr-2004 17:53
You have some outstanding pictures in your Galleries, and it was a pleasure to browse them. The Kauai landscape images are simply stunning. Thank you
Arjun Roychowdhury20-Apr-2004 14:15
Greetings Selvin,
it was a pleasure to browse through your galleries. It looks like you are a lucky resident of hawai'i. I personally liked the hawai'ian flower gallery the most. Thanks for pointing out the corrections in my gallery !
CIS20-Apr-2004 00:13
Selvin, I went through your recent additions and am in awe!!!
Your photography is divine and so is your beautiful Hawaii.
Always enjoy looking through your photos!
Thank you for your kind comments on mine, much appreciated.
paul yung31-Mar-2004 19:04
When I dream, I dream of Hawaii. Thanks for your photos!
Jim Woodworth26-Mar-2004 00:03
It's been almost 29 years since I visited Hawaii. After viewing your galleries I realize that's too long. Thanks for sharing, excellent pictures.
Guest 25-Mar-2004 18:17
Thanks for the nice comments Selvin and I enjoyed your images of Hawaii. That pic you commented on seems to be a fan favorite. I'm glad I put it in! Dave
Guest 23-Mar-2004 23:13
You certainly are blessed with a photographer's eye. What a great collection of images. I especially like the sunrises, sunsets gallery. Oh, and the beach set. Yes, I do like the beach set. Keep it up and we'll all end up in Hawaii. Richard
thuy 23-Mar-2004 14:29

Those Hawaii images reminded me of my wonderful honeymoon.... I wish I were back there now....

Thanks for sharing,
Guest 21-Mar-2004 06:31
Great composition and colors! It's nice to see Hawaii for those of us who can't visit! Thanks for visiting my gallery! Yours is very well done.
Jeff Cochran21-Mar-2004 02:17
Hello, I enjoyed your photos.Thx for sharing. :)
Guest 14-Mar-2004 10:54
I realy like your photos.
Vinay12-Mar-2004 01:08
Hi Selvin,
I was going through my gallery and realized I never thanked you for leaving kind words about my picture. You have a nice gallery and i realize an interest in lighthouses! Best regards
Guest 11-Mar-2004 18:25
Hi Selvin, I've enjoyed touring Hawaii via your pictures and must say you reveal it to be a wonderful and inviting place, great work.

Aloha, Andrea.
Selvin Chance11-Mar-2004 04:36

Thanks for visiting. You did a nice job on the power lines. Best regards.
J.C. Richardson III10-Mar-2004 21:52
Hi Selvin, This is J.C.Richardson III I love you site. The pictures are Great. You can go back an look at Blue Smow. The power line is not their any more. I hope one day I will get back over their and get some good shots. Like I said your pictures are so nice. You keep them coming.JCRIII
paul yung09-Mar-2004 22:51
Enjoyed your galleries. A very nice collection of travel adventure indeed!
Thanks for sharing.

CIS04-Mar-2004 14:04
Selvin, I thoroughly enjoyed your galleries!
Visited your beautiful islands a few years ago and it is a piece of heaven on earth.

Though I loved so many of your shots, was particularly taken of the Bulbophylum shot...nature's art!
Guest 01-Mar-2004 14:32
Thank you for your kind remarks. Your Albums are fantastic! What a beautiful State. Thanks for sharing.
Yves Rubin21-Feb-2004 05:19
Thanks for your comments on my site! There are indeed many of them that are taken at the same location, and thanks to yours for a reliving of this beautiful island!