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Mark 13-Jul-2015 05:45
Hello John,
I met you and your wife today at Catalina State Park. Your pictures are amazing! Hopefully one day I'll work my way up to your level.
Frank Poch Jr 03-Jan-2013 14:55
Your photos preserve what my memory cannot. Great stuff!
Simon Heller 03-Oct-2012 17:56
Do you know what the wooden sculpture depicted in IMG_4210.jpg from Pohnpei represents?
Jaylee 07-Oct-2011 03:34
hi john..have you found the V_cut tools?
Carosell 22-May-2011 18:19
Hi Johnny,
Just love your pictures!!!!you definetely have the eye to capture these "moments
in time" with such emotions and passion in all of your images. I specially love
the cat and the child! You are a great artist. I, too, am in awe of you as an artist and all that you do for the people of Micronesia! Great job Johnny! We miss u and the chocolate deliveries after lunch! Hope you find some time to visit us soon:)!
Kenneth Rogers 28-Apr-2011 04:20
John- I am envious of your travels and experiences- thank you for sharing them via your pictures. Ken Rogers
Guest 13-Oct-2010 09:18
Wow just looked through your Pbase images. You are so talented. I have never in my life seen someone so good at conveying emotion through images. I am in AWE!!!! You my friend are an amazing artist, so far beyond a photographer. You have transended the art of images beyond anything I have ever seen.

If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? I have never seen someone with such raw talent. What you have can not be taught! You are a true artist, with one of the best eyes for photography I have EVER seen!
Ellen Eisenberg 06-Oct-2010 11:22
Hi John: These photos are just magnificent...seems there is no end to images that spark your creativity. Thanks for posting them. We think of you and Amy daily and are truly pleased that you are doing what you can to improve lives. Be well, and keep your eyes open, have a great gift. Love, Ellen
Linter Kihleng 07-Sep-2010 23:30
Hello, this is wonderful! I look forward to seeing the two of you again.
Philip Lofgren 15-Aug-2010 03:27
Hi Johnny,
just wanted to say hi. I miss your chocolate deliveries at work. I hope you are enjoying Micronesia. Your pictures are great.
kelly 11-Mar-2010 22:25
hello all
Tom Richards 26-Jan-2010 18:50
Hello John,
Just stopped by for a visit to view your work - very nice. I Like the Black & White, but that's just me. Its real world but, somehow removed? Nice work John

Tom In Lafayette
Jose 28-Sep-2009 20:16
Good job
adrian bocanegra combs 17-Aug-2009 19:13
I met you and Amy @ TwoDogs Coffee shop in Morro Bay. Tried to add Amy via Facebook, although not sure if she remembered me. Found your link in my journal. Hope you're both doing well.
"Two Copy-Wrongs don't make a Copy-Right." ABC (me)
Rich Stoffle 04-Jun-2009 18:35
You are a wonderful photographer.

Rich Stoffle
siva 22-Apr-2009 19:18
Hello John,

I came across your photos via a google image search "pesticide water". I am making a slideshow for a conference ( on my PhD work (Chemical Engineering) and would like to include this photo:
It will serve as an introduction to my topic talking about water treatment technologies for the removal of pesticides from drinking water. The picture is beautiful and will serve as a good bridge. Please let me know if I can have your permission to use it. If so, please let me know what all information you would like be to provide on the slide so that you get full credit. I am happy to send you the full slideshow as well.

Thank you for your consideration,
Dawn 08-Nov-2008 17:59
is this the john amato from harrisonburg, va? these pictures are awe inspiring.
Yves Rubin26-Oct-2008 04:25
Wonderful work you have done, and congratulations for being an ambassador of so many cultures. I will be back often to learn from your people wisdom.

Best wishes,
John Amato13-Jul-2008 02:09
You downloaded them somehow when opening them. Just delete them.
kao lee 13-Jul-2008 00:52
john your photos on your website are showing up on my google desktop . how do i get rid of them.
Diens12-Jul-2008 07:17
I have enjoyed your work very much.
missy_gardenwhimsy05-Jul-2008 09:54
Your photos are awesome, I have really enjoyed seeing them! Best Wishes...Missy
Irene 12-May-2008 09:43
John, tus fotos son muy buenas...
Eres un gran fotógrafo. Te mereces la beca de la UNESCO y espero que te den muchas más y que sigas haciendo fotos por muchos años...
gracias por mostrarlas...
I try to say it in english:
John, your photos are very good...
You are a great photographer. I congratulation for your grant and I hope you make photos for more years.
Thank you for made it possible...
linda shumate 13-Apr-2008 15:27
your photos are wonderful thank you for sharing them love hearing from you are you coming to eugene?
Bradley Gordon 11-Feb-2008 19:44
Dear John, I may have missed it, but what kind of equipment do you use? I still prefer film to digital, especially medium format! I found out about your out-of-sight site by talking to your wife on the phone 1 day at my dreary day job. Peace
Contrastique 07-Feb-2008 22:53
You have some real awesome photos here! Many photographers crawling on this earth but few worthwile and you're one of them! Head-fi is good for multiple things reasons! ;-)
J-Pierre 19-Jan-2008 14:24
Your photos are simply exceptional. Art and emotion in each of them. Thank you.
Guest 13-Jan-2008 10:15
Love teh site ! Keep it up.

I found it via your sig on Head-Fi of course...

Ray Samuels 15-Dec-2007 01:17
Just one word to describe such artistic talent, WOW.
Didier Vanderperre14-Oct-2007 02:27
Very very good stuff, your are going straight to my favorites.
Guest 15-Sep-2007 17:35
This is a beautiful gallery John, well done
Guest 15-Aug-2007 20:45
Great work John
Guest 22-Jun-2007 06:04
Your stuff here makes me want to go out and take some pictures right now.
Guest 07-Mar-2007 11:34
This is as close to perfect as it can get.
Soenda20-Feb-2007 18:48
Gung Hay Fat Choy! I hope that you are both in good health and that your work is progressing well.

André Bessot28-Dec-2006 14:04
I wish you a Happy New Year John.
Best regards.
Tom Alisier09-Dec-2006 12:39
I had a great time to discover your work,
and i think that you are really gifted to have a catch a real contact with your subjects.
i ll come back to your work for sure !

Clyne07-Dec-2006 12:25
John, thanks for your positive comments on my galleries, it's very flattering coming from you. You are an inspiration and your pictures matter. Great work.
Yeo Pit Hua04-Dec-2006 08:48
Thanks for visting and comments; i look thru' your gallerie, great work and so beautiful that i will visit again and thanks for sharing.
Robyco22-Nov-2006 23:16
Just saw a picture and i was hooked at your photo's.
Great galleries, i will be back because you have such nice pictures.

Then in my meaning you need some comments.
Thank you for sharing.
Guest 28-Oct-2006 03:09
Each of your photos worth thousands words. Wonderful !!!!!!!!
Dave 26-Oct-2006 11:02
Wonderful images that show so clearly your ability to show others what's happening in the scene your witnessing. Documentary photography at its best. You are skilled craftsman who knows how to capture the moment, make the best of the composition and use the light to make the image something special. Inspirational.
RafM 25-Oct-2006 20:55
Those are great photos full of humanity.
Naturephoto Monique25-Oct-2006 08:47
Your work is so beautiful, your pictures talk without words, my compliments!
Guest 24-Oct-2006 12:47
Your work is inspirational. For me, this is real portraiture. Brief moments captured of real life, full of mood, ambience and character. We must never forget that there continues to be a human struggle all around us. I do not pity these people, but rather look at them with awe and respect in that they flourish despite what many would consider harsh conditions. They remind me of our ancestors, and what it must have been like in generations past. We all come from this.
Paulo Castro 23-Oct-2006 23:34
A beautiful work, I adored immense! A good continuation.
Salah El-Sadek19-Oct-2006 15:11
Hello John,
I came to your wonderful galleries by mere chance, and I am so glad I did.. Your shots are stunning powerful photos that sincerely reflect reality of human nature soul and body.. Warm congratulations for such a touching great work.. Big Vote.
Pauline19-Oct-2006 03:13
I'm glad you are pleased John.
I was crushed to hear about Steve Irwin.
If you drag down the page where latest pictures, most of the latest picture have a write-up on whats happening lately in regards to his family and the zoo.
Thanks again!
Brenda Carle 08-Oct-2006 17:54
I feel bad that people judge and attack photography when, no matter where you are, it tells a story- a neutral story about life- whether you are in China or USA - it is factual and it is life. Thank you for having a talent to share and to speak through photos so we all can relect and ask oursleves, what can I do to serve with love in this world of need and angst as well as this world of beauty.
flowsnow29-Sep-2006 16:50
Thanks for visiting and your comments. I looked through your galleries and it's beautiful and impressive. I shall put you as my favourites for future visits. Keep shooting. Cheers.
Guest 26-Sep-2006 14:56
I often think about my people. I was born and raised outside Tibet, never been to Tibet. But my heart always felt close to Tibet. Seeing photos you have taken, I could see and feel what Tibetan in Lhasa are feeling, I can see that China has not only taken the country but core value and soul of my people....
Great Job.. Thanks you.
Fred Relaix23-Sep-2006 13:00
John, thank you for your comments on my work which gave me an opportunity to go through your galleries. Your work is certainly unusual (and from what I see in other comments controversial), but you have a great feeling and sensibility toward human nature, so I thank you very much for sharing your experiences and pictures. Best regards, Fred
Herve Blandin21-Sep-2006 03:29
John, you have all my admiration for your work, the photography is vibrant, the witnessing an inspiration, well.... And vice versa! thanks.
BleuEvanescence13-Sep-2006 02:02
What an amazing human being you are and i have no words for your pictures... I am very touched by them. I can see true beauty in your pictures. Eventhough some of them are difficult to watch, you show compassion and truth. What an incredible life you must be having. Thank you for sharing with us. ~ Claudia
Ellen Eisenberg 10-Sep-2006 11:13
Hi John:

Beautiful, informative photographs, as usual. Thank you for sharing them.

Your experiences in China and Tibet have no doubt been revealing, and have broadened your perspectives on what is taking place, far from our clearly privileged eyes.

All the best to you. Ellen
John 04-Aug-2006 23:59
I am not demonizing anyone or country. If you would read what I have written you would see that I state that what the images show is paralled around the world. The earth is getting smaller all the time and we need to help each other regardless of borders.
Modern Chinese 04-Aug-2006 18:11
It is so cheap propaganda for you to SELECTIVELY demonize China with these fotos. Why don't you try some live pictures of your homeless people in the Western countries, say USA, Germany, France, Netherland...Dare you display the faces of those Western Children who are being raped by their own Western parents? And mind you, these people are living in the richest "democratic" countries that cry wolves about human rights in other places on planet. How many more human lives have been taken away in the name of "Western democracy"? Is there an ounce of shame left in your Western filthy mind?
Mikael 13-Jul-2006 12:20
Thanks for the pictures...

Made me think twice about my daily complaints.
Sefval Mogalana12-Jul-2006 03:16
Hi John,

Thank you so much for sharing your works. I cannot understand the pain that you are trying to project through your photography. Its really depressing, but undeniably the truth that needs to be projected out into our societies. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful work to all of us!

Soenda12-Jul-2006 02:03
Hi John,

I was delighted to see that your gallery is still in the first group of most populars. You have captured the attention of thousands of people now via your photographs. Your story is being told. While the story itself is a harsh one, it is wonderful that it's getting out.

Al Varland10-Jul-2006 02:39
I've followed your beggars gallery in it's rise to the first page of the populars and each time I view it I wish I could vote again..May God Bless you for your kindness and caring.
ISMAEL 09-Jul-2006 03:21
We have many reason to smile every day.
god bless these people.
Guest 23-Jun-2006 15:20
It's hard to put an adjective (or even several) to accurate depict your pictures. So I will just say what others have said. Good stuff!
Soenda23-Jun-2006 09:01
Hi John--What a treat to find your nice comment about my humble donkey photo. Funny story. I failed to realise the difference between what I saw of the donkey through my viewfinder and how much closer the donkey actually was to me. When that shot was taken, the donkey was already gathering the front of my shirt together in oder to start eating it right up. I was astonished when I realize that this was going on while I was framing his pretty nose in my camera. I'm glad it was just a donkey and not some sort of preditory beast. Thanks so much for stopping by to see my gallery. I'm having a blast with it. Take care, S.
ahug05-May-2006 13:19
MoDan 12-Apr-2006 15:12

Wonderful pictures,John! U show me another world! TXS!
Mister Max10-Apr-2006 02:38
Very fine urban photos; big, sharp, bright - and they convey the look of the cities. - Max
André Bessot06-Apr-2006 11:39
You did here an excellent work. Bravo and thank you.
Brenda Carle 01-Apr-2006 02:00

You are a truly talented photographer. This is definately your "calling". I feel like your gift has allowed me to see a country I may never have the opportunity to visit. I love the fog, mountains, terraces, and people. Thank you for your web visit today!!!! I feel like I have been to a gallery!
Guest 30-Mar-2006 15:21
very touching galleries.. two years ago browsing through these galleries i would not have understood... but after becoming a father responsible for a new life things are different now.. and i see emotions captured, rather than just pictures... thanks for sharing a piece of life with me..
Angus Pate 25-Mar-2006 18:50
The Chinese people are truly stoic;you have captured there spirit on film,which is no mean feat.
Jeremy12-Mar-2006 07:30
You have an interesting set of pictures here on China. I will be a frequent visitor to your site to see your pictures. Cheers.
Guest 26-Feb-2006 06:46
I loved the pictures what a fantastic experience you are having in China. Work is busy we run between 36 and 40 pts a day we have 4 pt rooms in the 470's area and we get numerous I/O pts and a variety of others we sure do miss you and I hope Amy is enjoying her teaching experience Love (send more pictures) Sue Moser
Ginger Wilson 25-Feb-2006 14:19
It's Ginger...We all miss you so much at work, and it hasnt really changed there... Connor is one now... you're missing him grow up, you need to get back here soon, you're such a great friend. I hope Amy is doing great ...Tell her hello.. You're pictures are so wonderful, what an experience to get... Have fun, stay safe and we all love you...
Marcia D. 12-Feb-2006 16:02
Hi John and Amy,
These are beautiful photos. Thank you for including me. Hope all is well. I can see you're making the most of your time in China. I'm looking forward to seeing more!
Love to you both.
ellen eisenberg 12-Feb-2006 02:41
John: As always, these photos are crisp, beautiful and really capture that which is uniquely China's. Please keep 'em comin'! We think of you often and hope that you and Amy are well and deriving much from your work and your time in China.Love, Ellen
john badham 11-Feb-2006 04:35
These are great, I'd love to see more. I'll never get there. Hope everything is ok. John
William Herron 11-Feb-2006 02:43
Great photo's John, but I really didn't expect anything else. Keep them comming!!
Guest 11-Feb-2006 02:38
Hey Johnny!
We miss you here. Your photos are amazing! I agree with Beth, you really have a unique view of things. Can't wait to see more photos of your journey....Casey
Beth W. 10-Feb-2006 07:13
Hi John, Your photos are really quite wonderful. The color is great and you really do capture the subject. I almost feel like I am right there in the photo. Very real and right down in there with the people. You have a great eye. Keep on shooting.
John Amato09-Feb-2006 22:01
Thank you. I have been here for 5 months and I will be here for 5 more. I have many more images to post from a number or areas.
Guest 09-Feb-2006 16:03
your pictures are amazing. they capture the very real day to day living. YOu stayed in China for some time?