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krishan02-Feb-2010 12:05
Hi.... like your photos so much..... you are really great photographer..... im an artist and i paint on canvas. I hope we can be good friends.

krishan02-Feb-2010 12:05
so nice photos..
Ron muhlenkamp 20-Jan-2010 17:54
Ron I own the farm at 725 Three degree Rd. Some time back, you took a picture of our barn and were kind enough to send us a copy. It's our favorite picture of our barn. I see you've posted it on Google map photos. The Butler County Tourist Bureau is putting together a list of interesting barns in Butler County for A drive-by tour. they asked for a picture and desciption of the barn. May we use your photo? We're happy to give you attribution, I assume they would also. Ron Muhlenkamp
Dale Hallett 29-Jun-2009 03:40
Just great pictures!!! I met Tom Butts on a plane in Pittsburgh and he sent your work for my enjoyment and pleasure, which it has been.I am an archer and build my own hunting bows and used to shoot black powder and am a retired woodcarver. Tom made the flight a pleasure and these pictures were the icing on the cake ,so to speak. I have put them in a file so I can take my time and enjoy all of them. Thank you .......Dale Hallett
Roby01-Jun-2009 21:28
hi Ron, very compliments for your works.
the pictures captured with the 35/1,4L are beautiful, the lens is fantastic and the photographer is great!
I take inspiration from your work on my photographs, I often visit your galleries, even compliments.
a greeting
optimist16-Feb-2009 01:28
Ron, I just went through a year of your life (PaD). It was my second visit to that particular year. You are so open and in touch with life--it's a great thing to see/read.
Lee 27-Nov-2008 14:44
Brilliant action shots of Mardi Love; truly astounding. Bookmarking your stuff NOW.
Bridget Parlato 06-Jun-2008 04:12
Hi Ron,
Been following your work now for, well, years. The old galleries with your old girlfriend and her daughter, your pics with the SCA, now your life with Teri and your new baby. Well, your year old baby. Inquired once about your couples pics - and sent one that I had taken of my husband and myself. Still, you manage to catch so many beautiful moments in life. As I recall, you were working in a museum in Pittsburgh? Long ago I had pirated a pic of a deer for a card for a friend - ended up sending to you to let you know. Any of this ring a bell? Well still following. Hoping some day to meet you all if you come Baltimore way - or if we come Pittsburgh. Just still wanted you to know how good you are. Bridget Parlato
andrewd_za29-Mar-2008 21:01
Spent quite some time looking through your galleries. Really appreciate your willingness to share at such a personal level as you did through your PAD projects... Trust life is still as rewarding now...
Guest 29-Feb-2008 23:10
Hi Ron.
Love the gallery of wedding images and a really excelent set of shots you have there.

Guest 29-Feb-2008 23:09
Hi Ron..
Excelent set of Shots you have there and really love the wedding gallery ..
Guest 20-Jun-2007 05:02
One world. Stunning.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 08:47
I really appreciate the effort you put into your pictures.
Guest 28-Feb-2007 16:11
Hi Ron. I am setting up a regional photography website about western Pennsylvania at and am interested in posting some of your photos. Is this something we could do? For each photo used, contributors get a full photo credit, a copyright notice, and a link to a website of their choosing. We already have some interesting photos and I hope you can join us!
mikiruaq19-Dec-2006 01:23
Hi Ron,
just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your photos and dialogue. Your life has changed so much this year and I wish you and Teri a happy holiday season and a great life together. When I met my wife we married after knowing each other for 6 months. That was 26 years ago. Enjoy the times together. They are special!!
Richard 29-Oct-2006 18:19
I love you work. The gallery on your wife is lovely. Thanks for sharing.
benbrown26-Oct-2006 20:27
Thank you for sharing your view on your life. The photos and poetry come straight from your heart.
Jim 03-Oct-2006 14:22

(Isn't this 40?!)

Sorry I missed the b-day event you had planned. Living out of state has some serious drawbacks.
gregory a. tapper 20-Sep-2006 22:43
I happened upon your galleries by accident-- well sort of. I was searching for some info on an old instructor of mine from AIP-- Flavia Zortea--- was so happy to see you photographed her work! I remember her beginning to work on a couple of those paintings when I attended. (graduated in 91 with vc degree). You are right her cooking kung fu is wonderful-- tho it's been years since ive supped with her. Thanks for posting the pics!
emily 20-Sep-2006 17:50
Ron, this is a bit strange, but I work at Four Winds Gallery in Pittsburgh, and we received your order, however, the number we have for you is not working. I am trying to track you down, and remembered your canon 10d, so hopefully, I have the right Ron, and you check your comments regularly! Please contact us ASAP. By the way, nice photography!

Sorry to disturb your comments.
Coreen 19-Sep-2006 17:42
My words cannot describe the intensity of feeling that is generated while viewing your photos. They are absolutely stunning, all the while capturing the imagination and captivating our hearts. Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us...
Robert 19-Sep-2006 04:55
You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it
dominica 12-Sep-2006 05:27
Being from Australlia, and never having seen Pennsic, your shots are amazing, infact all of your shots are amazing
Guest 03-Sep-2006 05:45

Yours is one the first ones I go to when I log-in. I love how you explore your life visually with your camera. It's very inspiring to see your passion for life expressed via your lens. I'm glad that your health has improved and you're having some wonderful experiences in your person life. It's lovely to see and I very much appreciate your sharing it. Keep up the great work.
Eric 30-Aug-2006 22:16
Wonderful and informative web site.I used information from that site its great.
Ricardo L.24-Jun-2006 17:07
Que decirte. Y yo que solo ahora me inicio en la fototgrafía (con 49 años de edad), me quedo maravillado con lo que haces. Realmente inspiradoras tus fotos. Saludos del sur del mundo.
That to say. I just initiate in the fototgrafía (with 49 years), remain astonished at which beams. Really wonderful your photos. Greetings of the south of the world.
Leslie Cook 19-May-2006 03:15
Hello Ron ... I work with your Uncle Ron, Cousins Amy and Jason West..and am acquainted with your dad...I was just introduced to your web site today..your photography and thoughts are very moving and inspritional...I have been told that you are affiliated with Carnegie has been a very long time since I have visited Carnegie...please email me if you are going to have a showing...I would very much like to come and view it...and the Musuem again...
Curt Weinhold15-Apr-2006 00:30
Quite a nice variety of subjects. I see you've been to Cherry Springs SP, it's now overrun by astronomers on good weekends..
My wife's maiden name is Lutz, but from the eastern end of Pa.
deb 25-Mar-2006 14:59
Your eagle in flight is my favorite
Chuck Kuhn18-Mar-2006 01:05
Enjoy your galleries and your profile, reminds me of myself. Like you I purchased the 10D in March of 2003. Went throught inexpensive lenses at first and finally upgrade to some wonderful Canon lens. My life and world has changed, because of digital and Canon camera. Recently spend the bucks on the 5D and my lastest photos, truly show the different. WE get better day by day..and since moving to NJ, the playground of NYC,PA,CT and the east is at my fingertips...take care
Racaire 10-Mar-2006 23:24
WOW! I am speechless! ...marvellous work!
Greetings from Kingdom Drachenwald (Europe) Shire Ad Flumen Caerulum (Austria)
Yours in Service
tadatsune 15-Dec-2005 20:53
You are an inspiration. Excellent photos, I thinki can learn a lot from reviewing these as my own skills develop. And we welcome your entry into the woods battle at Pennsic.
Guest 01-Dec-2005 18:46
Excellent work Ron!
I really enjoyed your galleries. Very nice.
Amy 15-Oct-2005 23:51
Let me know when you get the chance to post the pictures of Affina's First Birthday. I am anxious to see the pictures of her and Lawson !!
Love your Pictures :) XO *Amy*
Guest 11-Oct-2005 03:24

Thanks for visiting my Birds of PA gallery. What a coincidence! I was just at a friends house Sat. night, and we were looking through your gallery trying to find your PA Road Signs gallery! Did you take it down?

Plenty of great shots of Pittsburgh in your gallery. Watching the Steelers play SD right now. Ugly game! I try to get to Pittsburgh a couple of times each year for Penguins Hockey, IC Light, and a pastrami sandwich at Primanti Bros.

I love Pittsburgh!

Guest 03-Oct-2005 20:56
Happy Birthday! Yes Ron, I know it's your birthday. 40 closing in? Keep up the good work.
Guest 21-Sep-2005 20:45
Ron, thanks for visiting my galleries. Spent some time looking around your galleries. Love the shots of the SCA. Different world to anything I've seen before.

Guest 21-Sep-2005 19:55
Thanks so much for your comment on my "Wedding Bliss" gallary! Your photos are wonderful - I've added you to my favourites and can't wait to take a more estensive look. Can't wait to view more. Thanks again.
Alicia 16-Sep-2005 05:08
Such beautiful pictures! Do you sell any? I exspecially like the pic of the couple walking down the road at pennsic at night. My daughter is on an Envirothon team and she loves to look at your pic's of the animals and birds. We are orignally from Somerset, but Pittsburgh has been our home for 15 years now and I love your pictures of the city. If you would, please tell me where is the best place to go to view wildlife in PA.
Thank you!
Lois Leyda Digman 09-Sep-2005 17:39
Ron, It is a treat to spend some lunch time viewing your photos (I especially like 'Ulupalakua, HI
landscape and some of the "misty ones" from your previous trip to Hawaii). Of course, family and firends are top of the list plus the photo of the day with your comments........Your Pennsic (sp?) photos are fun for me to view too because it takes me back to your South St. days and your dioramas and imagination, your games....... Cat, his spirit is the same, I can see it in his self portraits. Keep it up, Ron and Cat. Your parents are proud, just as you two are and will be with yours. Lois Leyda Digman p.s. If I wasn't a grandma to little Alyssa, Affina would be #1! She is a doll.
Ron Lutz 14-Aug-2005 01:25
My name is Ron Lutz also, and I share the same interest in photography. I also grew up(Ebensburg) and live in Pa (Carlisle). My daughter Tarrah was enrolled at Drexel University in the digital media program and currently attends Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, Calif. I was doing a google search of some photos I had published and lost (change in computers) and I ran across your album. Great work, would be interested in comparing notes, feel free to contact me at My wife and I lived in Pittsburg in the early 90's and our bank used to mix our account on occasion with another Ron Lutz, I'm not sure if you are that person?
Angel Gonzalez Molero19-Jul-2005 08:10
I took a look at your galleries, and enjoyed my visit very much. You have a very interesting assortment of photographs. You are very high media level all of your galleries have something special, mainly with birds
Thanks for share your photos
Congratulations for your photos

Excuse me for my bad English

richard lutz 12-Jul-2005 18:59
all beauty
you are very good
Pamela 08-Jul-2005 23:19
Ron, got your card when you purchased keyrings @ Maui Hands Makawao store.

FABULOUS PHOTOS! Inspiring. Mahalo.

Minerva 23-Jun-2005 17:05
I love love everything I have seen in the last two days.Love the love between you and Cat and your daughter!!!!:-)STUNNING STUNNING
Sherry 26-May-2005 14:37
Thanks to your galleries, I have now doddled away most of the morning, viewing photo after photo!! What an enjoyable pot of coffee that was!! I think I viewed the entire PAD collection!! Thanks for the link and I will talk to chat with you soon!!
Tom Surman 26-May-2005 12:57
Ron...You did a great job yesterday evening addressing our group of photographers. Your passion for capturing the shot and enjoying the Cannon Moment is very apparent. Thanks again for sharing your tecniques and ideas with the folks here in Meadville. tom
Chuck Smith 25-May-2005 01:36
i was listening to the song "i will always think about you" by the New Colony Six from 1968 and i was looking at your comments about Jess and seeing the pics, and it touched my heart so deeply what you said, God Bless You for being such a good man. I still have tears in my eyes.
Steve Parkin06-May-2005 03:32
Fantastic collection of photos you have here, Ron. I'm a fellow Pennsylvania shooter and I really appreciate the general sense of pride you exhibit for your subjects. Something that has always made me curious - the late great Ned Smith (PA wildlife artist) and Chuck Fergus, both exceptional figures in PA Naturalism - are/were famous enough and talented enough to go anywhere in the world. Instead of focusing on the sexy animals of Africa or big game out west, both of these men chose to focus on Pennsylvania. That to me speaks volumes, and makes me feel a whole lot better when I don't get to shoot Tigers and Giraffes, but woodchucks and chipmunks instead. When I view your galleries, I get a very pronounced sense of pride that you have for the Pennsylvania outdoor scene. Your galleries are a real treat. Keep up the good shooting and if you're ever in NW PA, drop me a line and I'll point you to some hotspots up this way!

Steve P.
Guest 02-May-2005 20:30
Interesantes fotografías
Gracias por compartirlas
Saludos desde España
paul yung21-Apr-2005 05:19
We have an artist at work here. He is passionate about his work and he means it. Congrat!
Missing PA 17-Mar-2005 22:34
Hi Ron

I just wanted to thank you for all of the beautiful photographs that you have posted over the past year. I stumbled upon your gallery shortly before I moved from PA in July and then lost the bookmark to it shortly after I moved (computer crash). I recently stumbled upon your galleries again after much hunting for them and I am so glad that you have started a second year of PAD. Your photographs have inspired me to start my own PAD project (hosted for now on my own website for now though - - , I've not been brave enough to post to PBase yet!). I recently upgraded to the Canon 10D and am adjusting to be a "non point and click" photographer. Your images around PA have made "home" not seem so very far away.

Thank you for inspiring so many of us with your beautiful shots. Visiting your galleries has become a part of each of my days. I call it "getting my daily dose of Home." PA is a beautiful state, a photographers paradise and lucky for us, we have you to capture it's beauty and share through your photographs.
Guest 21-Feb-2005 18:18
Hi Ron,
After seeing you pictures you shot with EF 70-200mm f2.8 L IS USM, I'd like to know your experience with this lens. I would appreciate if you'll drop me a few lines. Thanks Tepold P.S. Your pictures really impressed me.
Mansour Mouasher25-Jan-2005 22:00
Ron, allow me to congratulate you on the awesome galleries. You splendid work is well composed and very artistic.
Webmaestro 24-Dec-2004 05:43
Very nice and usefulw ebsite Ron. Please visit my website. Happy Xmas and New Year!!! :)
Rusty 18-Dec-2004 11:13
Ron, your pictures have taken many of us on a journey to places and things we can only picture in our minds and thoughts. When you ended your PAD, that journey too ended. Then one must stroll through all your files to be somewhat compensated for that missing "daily fix" you will again begin to post some new adventures for us seeing that your last update was more than a month ago(unless i missed something). Keep up the great work and look forward to many more trips. Happy Holidays to you and yours. May you be safe in all you do, happy with the cards life deals you, and may life continue to develop more and more opportunities for which you to capture...Peace Friend....
Ed Goodnight 21-Nov-2004 22:29
Very nice work, Ron. I am impressed.

I just purchased a Rebel and found the Canon Forum yesterday. It certainly is inspiring to see all this great work.

I am bookmarking your site.

Guest 18-Nov-2004 13:16
Great galleries and photos, Ron! I really enjoy viewing them :)
Sheldon and Marci Morton10-Nov-2004 00:14
Ron, thank you for taking the time and looking and commenting on my butterfly gallery. I started looking through your pictures, and realized just how many wonderful galleries you have. This may take awhile, but looking forward to viewing them.

CIS03-Nov-2004 23:48
Ron, I've taken a couple of days to see most of your galleries...Very Impressive!
You have a great talent and an amazing eye...together your photography is to be savored.
My thanks for your kind comment in my gallery.
Guest 13-Oct-2004 14:55
The challenge of a photo-a-day is daunting, but you've done a very nice job of it. Congrats on a great body of work.
Jessica Long 10-Oct-2004 14:11
Ron! Your pictures are amazing- I cannot believe I have never been fully exposed to your talent! I can only hope there will be more to come. I plan on sharing this site with my friends to show off the family talent. Miss you!
René Wouters 10-Oct-2004 14:10
Like your pictures! Excellent work.
Aunt Diane 16-Sep-2004 19:29
You are truly amazing, although I already knew that. Your work is absolutely beautiful and shows your true talent. I will be looking for a calendar with your photos to purchase. A Truly Pittsburg Experience would be a great souvenier for travelers. Good Luck. Love, Aunt Diane
Guest 15-Sep-2004 19:52
Let's try this again !
Guest 15-Sep-2004 19:52
Let's try this again !
Amy West 15-Sep-2004 19:51
Ron ~
Ron Lutz II14-Sep-2004 15:30
Thank you for the compliment Suzanne. I do think I will stop the photo/day/year thing at the end of this month. It would eb nice to come up with something else to do... As for doing photography, I say GO for it!! All you need is a any camera and a will to shoot.
Suzanne 14-Sep-2004 01:45
Hello! I'm an old time scadian who hasn't played in about three years. I came to your site to help with homesick feeling of having missed Pennsic and stayed to look thru all your galleries. You do such incredible work--thank you for making it available to us all!

I'm sad to have found your photo a day gallery just as you are nearing the end of the project--any chance you'll continue it?

I've often dreamed of taking photography classes--just to learn the skill and have it as a hobby--your work inspires me to think of it as less of a dream an more of a goal.
RPM10-Sep-2004 03:34
Nice to see your work on the SCA. I've had more than a passing interest in it for around twenty years. For the last 10 or so a fellow from your East kingdom has worked in my mundane establishment, Sarge's Comics.
Feral has worked for me and shared quite a battle plan or two over the years.
He pointed your site out to me. I'm shooting Canon as well. Last year it was the 10D, this year the 1DMKII. Love that 70-200IS! You put yours to great use!
When you are out in the field do you download to a laptop or a digital wallet? Just curious how you make digital work for you when not at home.
Keep up the good work!
Sharifah 09-Sep-2004 15:51
RON - thank you so much for being such a good editor. It's refreshing to see posted photos that have obviously been edited for focus (and I don't mean blurry) as well as content and web-friendly loading. I'm enjoying your ablums and hope to convince my photographer hubby to give your "photo a day" challenge a shot. I love the concept.

Thanks again, for wonderfully presented photos. Are you digital?

Bernard Shaw 31-Aug-2004 05:24
Excellent work I've had an active/passive love for photography and pursue it when time and funds have allowed. Your work is past adjectives eye of an artist, do you have any other pics of wildlife such as bears and or eagles. I am looking for photos of your quality to study for my paintings. I'm an sur/realist/abstract artist that subscribes to the belief that you can not express yourself in the surreal unless you know your subject in reality. I want to see more of your work if its avaliable.
I go by Grimbear
Drop me a line
Hei Lin 24-Jul-2004 18:04
Ron...I was anticipating my arrival at Pennsic this year and was scanning the posting boards when I happened to have come upon your photos and thought I would take a gander...and I am so very glad I did. They are absolutely amazing,beautiful breathtaking!! I adore birds of prey and appreciated the pictures of the hawk. I did notice last year you and your family being at Pennsic I believe near the food court. Keep up the good work....
Anne Young05-Jul-2004 00:26
Thank you very much for visiting my PaD galleries, and thank you for the nice compliment! I enjoyed your galleries very much as well. They are all wonderful, but I think your hawk gallery is phenomenal. I can't believe how close you were able to get to them! I also liked your Baltimore Aquarium gallery. The last time I was there was 2 years ago, but I plan on going back with my 300D some time this season. It is tough to photograph fish!

Azhrde 23-Jun-2004 13:19
Nice job!! These are all awesome. I especially like the hawks.
Muskrat's Photos22-Jun-2004 03:34
Great Stuff, Ron....I used to live in Western,PA near New Castle (Actually Bessemer)and have spent the last 30 years in Northeastern, PA in a small rural town called Benton...I've developed a passion for nature photography myself, especially birds. I have really enjoyed looking at your images. Keep up the GREAT work!!!
Dennis McDonnell20-May-2004 03:09
I just stumbled across yr. site and was duly impressed...thought I'd leave you a little note...should have looked a little longer but it's getting late...not quite a geek on this end so if I can find yr. site next time I'll look longer and check back in...How do they say it, Can anything good come out of Pittsburgh?

a (n occasional) Browns fan.
larry 26-Apr-2004 22:44
if you are looking for deserted mills, go to should see a couple of empty plants there. you may also find some other area of interest to shoot, like maybe a view from the top of the Inclined Plane.
Isabel Cutler23-Apr-2004 11:25
I recently acquired a Rebel and have been searching pBase's galleries while researching lenses. Stumbled upon yours and added your to my favorites. Besides your stunning images I really appreciate your "Point of View". Text adds so much to the appreciation of the work!
Vinay29-Mar-2004 19:24
Thanks for taking the time to look through all my galleries and for leaving such kind words. You have some great photographs in your galleries and obviously have a keen eye for great pictures. Thanks again
Guest 20-Mar-2004 04:01
I realy like your photos.i vote your gallery :)
Guest 04-Mar-2004 02:39
Looking through and reading Ron's comments in his PAD gallery is one of the great pleasures of every day for me. Not only to see how much his art improves each day, but also because of how enlightening, entertaining and diverse his subject matter and commentary are.

I would advise any who enter here to be sure and click any links (especially the one for Chullully in his Moraine Gallery) he provides. He uses these to expand the experience in the way only a truly great teacher, who loves his subject can. You will be surprised at how much you can enjoy learning and how much it will deepen your appreciation and expand your range of vision.

I am so proud to be part and partner to this modern day Renaissance man…In front of the lens and behind it.
Te Amo mi novio...

Guest 27-Feb-2004 20:22
Great job. Good luck to you with your POV. The hawk shots are nice.
Guest 13-Feb-2004 16:20
Hi Ron,
Thanks a lot for your very kind comment in my guestbook. I love your stuff have a great range and a very fresh view! I started in photography about 10 months ago and its become a big part of my life in a short time :) Cheers, Lisa
Linda Vich11-Feb-2004 21:53
Ron, you have some amazing photos! I will definitely be back!

Linda V.
Ruth 11-Feb-2004 02:02
A friend saw you taking the hawk pix, got your info, and sent me your link. Red-tailed hawks are magnificent, and your pix just shine with their majesty. Although, I have to say I've been swooped by hawks and by eagles, and eagles are a LITTLE more scary.
Great pix.
Laurie 07-Jan-2004 05:01
Lovely photos--I had a grand time roaming around your photos. My favorite was the two zebras.

[...dreaming of having a camera like yours...]
Steve 03-Jan-2004 01:28
Ron just looked at your gallery as i am doing research for buying an EOS 10D your pictures are some of the best i've seen,also love the photo a day idea hope you manage to keep it up for a year,i have bookmarked your gallery & will be visiting long & thanks for sharing your art with us.
JOHNNY VILLARONGA 29-Dec-2003 05:02
anna 21-Dec-2003 06:27
Hey Ron, love the pictures of Maui. It loves like a lovely place. Would love to go there some day. Keep the pics. coming. Anna
Guest 17-Dec-2003 00:24
Hello Ron. Thanks for leaving a message in my Alternative Advent Calendar gallery, I'm glad you like my photos. It's a pretty interesting place around work, so I'm not sure where it may go. But I am having fun doing it and that's what matters.

I love your images of Cat and hand gliding, keep up the good work.
roberta10-Dec-2003 02:20
Thanks for leaving comments in my pbase galleries. I see you are enjoying your 10D! I viewed some of your images and I really enjoyed the hang gliding shots. I was also interested to read that you work in a museum. My daughter is interested in pursuing studio art/art history and museum studies in college. Do you know of any colleges (East coast) that have top programs in museum work, specifically designing exhibits/displays and setting up galleries? Thanks, Roberta
Rusty 05-Dec-2003 16:36
Ron, Having met you in person and now seeing some of the work you do, it seems to be a perfect match. I hope you continue to create the phenominal art you have done so far and let not even the sky end your attempts. Best wishes, Rusty
Ron Lutz II15-Nov-2003 21:08
Quizás usted está correcto. Puedo apenas hacer una galería de paisajes y poner las copias de las varias fotos en ella.
Guest 15-Nov-2003 20:47
Tienes fotos realmente interesantes, sobre todo las de los paisajes, yo particularmente las pondría en una galeria separada pues son muy interesantes.
Guest 26-Oct-2003 07:33
thank you for visiting my gallery and leave your note. i've browsed around yours and it is obvious that you have great passion in photography. let's work on and improve.
Raluca 08-Oct-2003 20:57
Awesome pics Ron! Got more? I want to see mooooore..:)
Bailey Zimmerman30-Sep-2003 20:17
Welcome to pbase...I'm also fairly'll love this site!!
You have posted some great photos.....can't wait to see more!!