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clark 11-Sep-2019 12:52
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Silkcaralion 09-Oct-2012 16:36
Hi! I used your tatoo of Smith/Jack Skellington on my FB page for sharing it with my friends in love with tatoos. I hope there is no problem. Thanks!
Jalirah nabacwa 07-May-2011 12:23
Hi craig,l love ur character as lord darken rahl and wen l searched abt u,l liked u more. I just wish l were ur friend! Big up
Mathew01-Aug-2009 18:47
oi polloi !

nice site u've got there, I've got a robert smith tattoo too, I'll send it to u when u send me back :)

j 27-Dec-2008 17:50
i am looking 4 the actor, not the band person sorry wrong guestbook
j 27-Dec-2008 17:50
i am looking 4 the actor, not the band person sorry wrong guestbook
j 27-Dec-2008 04:48
is this the actual cp
RSantos26-Nov-2008 00:10
what a find! i love the cure. thanks for creating this.
lars 29-Sep-2008 19:57
hey geezer just wondering if the cure have a email add u know of or what their address is in uk know the town thanx for any help? gutted they are live in rome n already planned to take missus to holland if only!
yessycure 22-Aug-2008 02:53

Hi!!!! i love your site, i've been visiting it for years, an d recently i visit your blog.

I have a cure tattoo, and i just want you to take a look of it. Would you give me an email where i can send the image to you?

my e mail is

cure hughs!!!
S.W.S 29-Jul-2008 13:04

Hi Craig great site!
Just got a top era tattoo that i could send to add to the gallery if you like, i'm having issues with the email link though, so you will have to give me the address in reply in your interested. Keep up the good work
jennifer 23-Jun-2008 03:05
Hi, I have a footage of the ATL show , is not GREAT but is ok, I just couldn`t stay still you know, plus I was in 2nd row and security was right in my face, so I kinda had to hide my camera, hence the weird outcome...anyway I would like to share it,if you please let me know how to upload it here =? e-mail is
loba 19-Jun-2008 21:49
hi,I want new photos of mary pool smith , wife of robert smith
loba 06-Jun-2008 20:57
hi,I want now photos of mary pool smith , wife of robert smith
Guest 04-Jun-2008 18:59
hey, i have a cure tattoo that you can add if you like, email me back and i'll send it to you. i love the gallery!
Guest 29-Apr-2008 19:27
I have a Cure tattoo that you should put up on your pictures. I put it on here, let me know if you cannot get it. I'll email it to you! Thanks love xx!
christ'l 02-Apr-2008 00:39
hi! ok, i can see youve been getting alot of hi's from people all around the world. must be nice, eh?
im another cure fan - been listening to them since i was little, in the 90's. saw them at my first concert - the download festival. 65daysofstatic is one of my favorite bands, and its more than awesome to see them open up for the cure. in may, theyre coming to my city, and im simply ecstatic. i have a cure project coming up involving kazoos, and was wondering if you could help out later with that - like a little mention in the cure news blog in may.

cheers from the san francisco bay area, scribbles
Janice Handleman 24-Mar-2008 15:29
Just met Robert and the Band in Rotterdam, March 18, 2008. I won the Amnesty International meet and greet auction for that show. I have close encounter pictures, my signed ticket, and some concert photos. Tell me how to post, very excited!
Thanks, Janice
Catie 14-Mar-2008 07:07
Craig is hella!
TheCarlz 25-Oct-2007 20:48
Hey, i like to post a tattoo photo, what do i do? Thanks!

Greetings from Venezuela!
Guest 15-Jun-2007 07:43
Pure display of talent.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 08:11
I'm the man, but you're the master. Master of beautiful pictures...
DuctTapeGrrrl 26-Sep-2006 16:08
Love the site!
Lullaby 28-May-2006 01:30
Hello! i from Maracaibo, Venezuela, My dream is that THE CURE comes to my country to play a great concert!
eyyy that page is awesome! I like it! :)
If someone from The Cure see that pag, please!!!! in Venezuela the band is a great great inspiration for many many bands, and many many peoples grow up listen the the cure´s songs, i am an example. I listened the cure since i was 10 years, and... in this time i am 29.
Robert Smith please take a map, and look for Venezuela and bring The Cure Here!!! please!
Guest 28-Oct-2005 17:30
hi craig how are things at the homefront? better i hope, i have two cure tattoos i want you to post they are at elise173 on pbase please post. chain of flowers has been verry helpfull to me the last few years. thanks alot, hey if you are on my space im emperor palpatine look me up. bye
Guest 07-Oct-2005 00:59
Someone is using my name here (Bluejade on the official Cure site)

Stop it, it's not funny!!!!!
vlinder 22-Sep-2005 08:22

fantastic, fantastic,
wonderful, wonderful,
amazing, amazing
picturs, pictures,
next, next
and so on, and so one...
Are you sure... ?
crazycoco 27-Aug-2005 20:57
hello i'm from france and i love your site i've been to rocko 'zarenes d'avenches and it was amazing thanks to you to put the photos of that great moment and good luck with katarina
curephotos 23-Aug-2005 09:29
I'd like to exchange photos (and more) of taormina (I made many photos)...
write me and send me all!
Do not hesitate, all of you!

I'm making a yohoo group and a blog also, all for this unique concert! send me all the material you find and write me to have info.
faust 22-Aug-2005 10:54
Hi Craig I would like to publish your photo of Taormina in the Photo Gallery of Can I have your authorization, please let me know via e-mail
Thank you in advance

J. Kool 15-Aug-2005 13:32
Saw the cure in Lokeren.... It was great!!! The best thing ever! Next weekend Lowlands festival. But no band will do better then The Cure.... Check out The Others btw!!
Gwenael 08-Jun-2005 08:45
Im from France, bravo for your site about the best group in the world, better as the official site!! See you at the festival of Saint Malo, in France at the 15 August. Ever heard about Bloc Party, it's greaaaaat?
rockerchick805 31-May-2005 16:25
Hi !! I just found this site and it's fantastic!! I wanted to know where I could find the Robert Smith purse???? Thanks.
Guest 31-May-2005 13:33
Hi! I'm from Spain and I just want to say that you're doing a great work with COF! all we know what's happening with Robert... Can't believe it! I hope Rob will change his mind soon...
Well, thanks for report all the cure news for us
aTtrActi0n 23-May-2005 00:40
hi craig__i`m from germany and i just wanted to say that this is a really very great
site!i was searching foe it for ever but didn`t know that it ixsists!
so__thank you for the awsome pictures___hope you will keep adding....
after the rain...
love j_____
Nikol 18-May-2005 13:55
I'm from Hungary and I had just searched some information about Craig Parker (the actor) when I found that site.
Unfortunately I don't know The Cure. They are a rock band,aren't they?
Bye :)
Pietro 21-Feb-2005 10:25
Hi Craig ! How do you do? How was Mardi Gras?
Just wanted to say hi & thank you again for your up-to-date news, useless trivia & pointless minutia... :-)
loopy 12-Feb-2005 08:33
Craig, it is so lovely to know that there are total cure nuts out there like myself. someone in my house recently refered to my (ahem)interest in the cure sad, but i feel affirmed now, thank you oh-so much. better than counseling.
Guest 04-Dec-2004 20:09
Hi Craig,
This site is awesome, and also the pics of The Cure, it's just what fans were craving for...
Guest 04-Dec-2004 20:09
Hi Craig,
This site is awesome, and also the pics of The Cure, it's just what fans were craving for...
Richard Haas 30-Nov-2004 07:58
could you please contact me
thanks in advance
alex 19-Oct-2004 15:57
hi craig! Just found this site. Really fantastic!!!!
Pietro 01-Oct-2004 12:33
Hi Craig,
please mail me at the usual address
Robin 27-Aug-2004 04:23
Thank you sooooo much for posting the Cure performance on the Jimmy Kimmel show. I would not have known they were going to be on otherwise...I am deeply, deeply grateful!!
amanda 25-Aug-2004 16:59
ya ur site is great the rocks i love them and there show last night was FUCIN great i luved it any ways just wated 2 shout out
John 21-Aug-2004 03:33
please erase my post. great site. thanks for thr pix.
emma 16-Aug-2004 20:14
craig just sayin thanx for chain of flowers its the most amazing site! keep up the good work! x x x
Stan 16-Aug-2004 07:05
Thank you Craig for providing the latest and best Cure news. You are the ultimate source of Cureness on the web! <3
jennifer 13-Aug-2004 02:24
Hey Craig,

I was at the Atlanta show and have been dying to catch another ever since. I am so glad I found you site it is perfect for my current state of mind...I am trying to relive the whole experience in my head and was grateful to see you had photos from the afterparty on your site. I was at the Atlanta after party but it was unplanned and I have no photos! A night that was truly perfect and your photos help keep the memories clear.

Your site is wonderful and it hits the spot. Thanks!!!
NOTIS 10-Aug-2004 19:52
graig u r the man!keep going strong!kisses from GREECE
Brandon 09-Aug-2004 02:12
Craig, you are seriously the man!! I love your site and visit it every day at least five times! Good worker brother.

Guest 04-Aug-2004 05:59
craig, thank you soo much for the concert photos... i plugged these guys in my ebay item location bar for wpb.. i think im going to do the same for tinley park ill.. watching a new cure 'curiousa' loopback on cnn headline news now... got to build the cure media machine before the tours over! thomas
rebekah 25-Jul-2004 23:27
Just reiterating what the other people have said.. ive been a chain of flowers lurker for years and you are seriously fucking great.. the cure is the definition of cult band and you are the leader. thank you so much..
Renee 13-Mar-2004 18:06
I'm glad I found this guestbook! Now I can thank you for all your work and dedication to The Cure. I live in a somewhat remote area of Washington state and your site keeps me up to par as a Cure fan. I wish I could see all the shows! At least with COF I can read and even see photos of what other fans have experienced. I'll just continue chasing dreams and managing to catch a few shows here and there. Thanks again Craig!
nico 18-Jan-2004 10:03
just let you know that everything you do for COF is fucking great
and it's gonna be great if we could have a drink during the next tour just tell how its a pleasure every morning to get up and watch the news about the cure on your website.
you're doing a good job....
happy new year craig
nico a french cure fan
Pietro 17-Jan-2004 13:49
well, there's no guestbook on COF, so this is the only way i know to openly thank you for everything you've done, you're doing, you'll do! : D
there are just no words...
CureJeff 13-Jan-2004 17:42
Craig Parker fucking rocks!