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himane12-Jul-2008 08:55
Enjoyed your work so very much.
Guest 16-Jun-2007 10:45
I think looking through your pictures is time well spent.
Guest 25-May-2007 15:19
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:00
You're 11 on my scale of 10.
Guest 24-Feb-2007 21:08
So, you have a D200 now huh... Now you need the Nikon SB800 flash to go with it! I had been renting one for a certain shoot here and a certain shoot there. I bought one this morning for a shoot this evening and can't wait! It's seriously the flash of all flashes when a strobe isn't available... And off the record and not in a bad way. Your daughter has a look that is captivating! Make sure she makes the most of it!

Shine on Marilu,
Guest 21-Aug-2006 11:05
Hi Marilu,
thanks for sharing these great animal galleries. specially I enjoyed (human) baby shots. Your adventure of fire in 2004 is incredible..there is nothing compared with a big is horrible. Unfortunately in our area we have fires every summer.
thanks for sharing your photos, I would be glad if you visit my (small) galleries.

krgds, Volker
Igor Litvin 13-Mar-2006 17:41
Please help me.
I have seen you used many different tele Nikon tele lenses. Can you propose me one. I want buy now cheap tele lenses for my Nikon d50. I am living at South Africa now. I wanted buy 70-210 D AF but I couldnt found one. May be you can propose something another with max focal length 200-400 mm. May be 70-300 G or D may be 55-200 may be something another.
I know you have great expirience and I hope you help me.
Best regards.
Guest 12-Mar-2006 06:10
Like everyone else....I can't believe so many hummers will share a feeder. They fight over the feeders here in San Jose. Only if it is "cold" will two share a feeder. Never more than that! Incredible photos!!!
bret 03-Mar-2006 19:41
beautiful shots
Scott Deardorff23-Feb-2006 14:44
Marilu - I just wanted to compliment you on a wonderful gallery. I especially love your animal pictures.

Judy Misquitta18-Feb-2006 02:59
Hi Marilu! I've enjoyed all of your galleries, your wild life collection is fabulous. You are very talented!
Tom Heim13-Jul-2005 11:57

Fabulous work you have done here in your galleries. Thanks for sharing your talents!
Katherine on Vancouver Island 29-Jun-2005 16:22
Hello Marilu!

Someone suggested I view your Hummingbirds. Was so impressed. Then I spied your various galleries. My "trip" just got better and better. I sat here in awe and wonder at your Flowers (pink rose being my #1 vote), Photoshop Creations, and "big cat" pictures. (Got to hug and hold a baby lion once . . . one of the best days of my life!) "Fantastica" is my word for your photography.

My camera is a Nikon Coolpix 4500. Oh,to have a teacher to help me produce beauties like yours! May I send you a flower picture or two for your evaluation?

Thanks for sharing your photographic and artistic talents! Katherine
Katherine Woods Sayles 29-Jun-2005 16:15
Hello Marilu!

Someone suggested I view your Hummingbirds. Was so impressed. Then I spied your various galleries. My "trip" just got better and better. I sat here in awe and wonder at your Flowers (pink rose being my #1 vote), Photoshop Creations, and "big cat" pictures. "Fantastica" is my word for your photography.

Thanks for sharing your photographic and artistic talents! Katherine
Guest 22-Jun-2005 21:15
Hi Marilu,

Your pictures are amazing. I have been browsing the web for a great water drop picture and have finally found the one! I want to use it for the front page of my thesis. Please let me know what your policy is on using your pictures for educational use. E-mail me at


Arla 04-May-2005 19:13
Hi Marilu:
Phenomenal images! I've been on 3 hummer photo workshops (AZ and NM)and now have all my own flashes and set-up equipment. I've also been on two hummingbird research trips to Costa Rica and Peru. I'd love to have you email me so we can exchange information.
Jim Dantin 30-Apr-2005 10:54
Would you please post some info regarding your D70 flash setup? I'm most interested in how you set up the D70 and VR 80-400 with flash -- which flash unit, mounted on camera or on an arm, manual or TTL/auto flash settings, etc. You get wonderful results! Thanks
Jacques 12-Jan-2005 19:16
Dear Martlu
It is outstonising. Could you tell me how you did the matise picture?
Thank you
Lisa01-Oct-2004 01:31
Marilu, thank you for stopping by my gallery and leaving such wonderful comments. I'm glad you did, because I am able to see the wonderful work you do. Your hummingbird gallery is among the finest I have ever seen. It's great to see what the D70 can do in capable hands and this gives me something to aspire to. Thank you for sharing your work.
Toni Moore11-Sep-2004 14:54
Marilu- I thoroughly enjoy visiting you and the critters through your wonderful photography. Your love shines through each shot.
Ernest Nixon24-Apr-2004 20:29
Marilu Great Stuff!! I see so much of California in the shots I was wondering where you live.
Guest 06-Apr-2004 11:19
Marilu ... what can I say that hasn't been said already. Your work is wonderful! You have a great eye, which means you make the most of your photographic opportunities. As an animal lover, I really appreciate your ability to capture the essence of furry and feathered creatures. And your Photoshop skills ... Wow! Heather (aka yduckie)
Jet Liera31-Mar-2004 05:59
Thanks for your words in my gallery.

I appreciate taking your time as busy as you must be,
judging by the great art works in your galleries.

alexeig24-Feb-2004 01:18
Marilu, you have absolutely fabulous pics, I liked especially your burds and rainbows. Some of the scenery reminds Zabriski point in Death Valley. Thanks for your kind words while visiting my galleries

Keep great work
Isabel Cutler19-Feb-2004 11:41
Just added you to my favorite photographers' list. Should have done it a long time ago. Your 990 pictures are astounding!...and of course, I drool over those 80-200 D100 shots. I'm just going to have to resign myself to the fact that I need a humongous, heavy lens!
Allison Abernethy 19-Jan-2004 00:08
Marilu, I hadn't run into your photographs since the days of the baby tigers.
Your talent was great then,now it is magnificent!

Guest 23-Sep-2003 20:23
Marilu, you have the artist eye!! I started with the hummers and just couldnt stop! I just finished viewing the Ca coastline! It makes me want to buy a Nikon! I know, of course, it's not the camera, it's the photographer! Also enjoyed the Photoshop gallery! You are very talented! How long have you been 'into' photography?
David Seibel 03-Jul-2003 17:18
I happened upon your gallery and have spent the last couple of hours mesmerized. Your work is absolutely gorgeous! You have a real flair for composition, and the artistry in your "painted" images is impressive. As a birdwatcher, I am especially enjoying your beautiful shots of birds - my current favorite is the "Bird of Paradise and hummer" with its fascinating lighting and surrealistic focus effects. (Did you retouch the background, or is the blurriness a natural effect?) Is the bird the same as the one as in "Allens-on-Nandina-branch" (which looks more like an Anna's to me)? I'm also curious about the species in "BadHairDay" - could it be a young male Costa's? If you have time and wouldn't mind, I would also appreciate knowing a little more about how you post your galleries. (For example, is PBase a paid gallery service, and does it help with the layout?) Finally, I'm using EagleEye adapters with my Nikon CoolPix 4500 for digiscoping (80x and higher) but am thinking about getting an EagleEye 5x lens for more versatility. I notice you use several different lenses; which do you like best?
Cliff Travis 19-Jun-2003 00:27
I have not had a chance to see more than your flowers but I really enjoyed them. The lighting was exceptionally fine. I wish that you would include details (lighting)

I noticed that someone thanked you for helping them with info on posting
pictures. Would you be kind enough to help me too.

Isabel Cutler27-May-2003 06:46
Marilu...your images leave me breathless and inspired. I just wonder what magic you have that allows more than one hummer at your feeder. I can only get one at a time...all they do is fight!
Ingrid S22-Apr-2003 04:17
Hi Marilu: Just wanted to say your photographs are just awesome! And thanks for the tip on posting images in the forum, your explanation made it easy as about 2 clicks!
Vivek SenGupta15-Mar-2003 04:04

thanks for visiting my galleries and your nice words. i dream of getting the Nikon D100 - well, the day will come eventually!!
you have a lot of exceptional snaps and i will keep coming back to them.

Vivek SenGupta12-Mar-2003 18:00

love your photographs, especially the bengal tiger ones (since i am from bengal!), and also the water droplet macro. can you let me know, what kenko extension tubes do u use and how much did they cost? i want to get a kenko kit soon for macro photography. i have a regular SLR (Nikon N80); are the kenko tubes compatible with both digital and standard SLR cameras?

Greg McCroskery09-Dec-2002 05:12

Thanks for sharing your great images! One of my personal favorites is, "There was a crooked man..." -- I love the mood captured in that image. Keep up the great work!

Pauline 23-Oct-2002 21:36
Your photography is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.
teri 17-Oct-2002 23:06
great picture. I thoroughly enjoyed them. Hard to find baby tiger pictures. They are too adorable
Guest 30-Sep-2002 19:49
Great work !!!
Guest 30-Sep-2002 06:51
My friend is loving Tigers aswell He had one at home, Puffer. He lost them when Puffer was only 5 years old. He got him when he was only 3months.
Your pics are very beatiful, thanks for sharing.
Guest 18-Sep-2002 12:44
The macro pictures are incredible...I got a Coolpix 885 but still haven't made anithing comparable. Nice work!
Allison Abernethy 03-Aug-2002 18:40
I never saw a photo of yours that I failed to enjoy greatly.
You must have the soul of a true artist.
Thanks for all.

Willa Dios22-Jun-2002 16:47

Your photo gallery is fabulous. I wish you would indicate what cameras you used on ALL your pics though, 'cause I'm so nosey! It's SO cliche to say so, but you have a wonderful 'eye' for photography and I have very, VERY much enjoyed your work. I can only hope to someday learn to be half as good. Thanks for sharing your fine art.


PAPA JUZI15-Jun-2002 15:39
Your ability to compose a photo is outstanding.... and your abilty to capture the true spirit of your subjects will be admired by all.Keep up the good work. Are you using the cp5000?

Don El
Guest 09-Apr-2002 05:06
some neat pictures and a lot of fun, thanks
joey 15-Mar-2002 02:33
I really dig the macro shots. Great work!

Lee Teft09-Mar-2002 02:46

Congratulations on your fine albums. I enjoyed your work! I will bookmark your pages and visit again.

Lee Teft, Ph.D.
Marilu Bishop11-Feb-2002 21:12
Thank you so much for your comments, Bob. Yes, I do, by all means, use Photoshop. I use levels, curves, and some sharpening, depending on the need. Congratulations on your 5000...I'd love to see your images.
Bob Turner 11-Feb-2002 02:22
Your images are incredible. I purchased the CP 5000 in December. Hope to get comparable photos someday. Are you using photoshop?
Judy Giberson 01-Feb-2002 05:26
Hi Marilu,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. It really takes my breath away!

Warm regards....Judy
Loren Minnick23-Jan-2002 23:39
You make the case that a good photographer and a 990 can do wonders. People who deabte the CP5000 should look here first.
Guest 15-Jan-2002 00:11
Thank you for those great pics.
The water drop macro is amazing. Really good.
Sherry & Deanie 28-Dec-2001 22:38
Hello Marilu!!!! Just thought we would drop a few lines to let you know how much we have enjoyed your pictures!!! The animals and the kids look really swell. I am glad we are now in the " computer generation" and we can see how things are going on the west coast for you.

Sherry and Deanie
Gregorio 04-Dec-2001 04:09
Hi Marilu: I remember when you first got your 950 and kinko and have admired your photos ever since.
Austin, TX
Guest 14-Oct-2001 22:29
Some very nice work.
Warmest Regards